Parent Stock

R10 000.00

This project is already funded. This project is for us to purchase broiler parent stock and have a hatchery where we will be supplying broiler fertilised eggs and chicks. Around December each year there is a big shortage of chicks in the market when everyone is preparing to capture the demand during festive season. Small farmers are mostly affected by these as hatcheries would rather work with big clients than many smaller clients. We aim to solve this problem starting in 2020. We needed R180 000.00 and received R110 000.00, we then used the money to get incubators that we will be selling to buy the parent stock. 


R5 000.00
R10 000.00
R20 000.00
R30 000.00
R40 000.00

We are working on a target of 1 million eggs a month. This can only done by relying on funders where 42 000 chicks will be purchased and raised to point of lay. This project will take place at our farm in Walkerville and Hennops. We have partnered with Stokfella a registered financial services provider who will be handling the collection of funds, financial admin, and rewards for funders. You have an option to buy 125 chick for R5000, 250 chicks for R10 000.00, 500 chicks for R20 000.00 and 750 chicks for R30 000.00 and lastly 1000 chicks for R40 000.00 see our home page for more clarity on this. 

Blaque Stores

R10 000.00

We are looking for 49 funders who will be partners owning each 1% in black stores (fruit and veg shop). This fruit and veg shop will be established to help African farmers have access to markets. We will be targeting big shops in cities and spaza shops in townships to strengthen our distribution channels. The shop will have inhouse brands for eggs and meat where African farmers will be used as suppliers. 

We will also be looking for food processing companies that make products we can sell at our shops. If you are interested in this, send us an email for a presentation

A video introducing this business will be available here soon. 


What is your vision?
We see AfriFarm crowd as a way for Africans to finance farming start-ups and also to provide access to markets through our coming fruit and vegetable shop called Blaque Stores.
What is your mission?
To be the revolutionary leader in providing funding solutions to African farmers and help them unleash the wealth that lay untapped in agriculture in Africa, by crowd funding potential farmers and also open up markets for their products to be sold while training them and giving them expert management tools to maximize profitability.
How many initiatives can I fund?
You can fund as many initiatives as your finances allow.
What is crowdfunding?
Investopedia defines Crowdfunding this way:

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture. Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together, with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives and venture capitalists.

It is often referred to as social media fundraising, online fundraising or peer – to – peer fundraising. It can take the form of donations and in this case, there are no rewards or it can be an investment vehicle where rewards may be in a form of a stake in the business or money generated through projects.

  • It is robust. The crowdfunding sector is “an independent state” as it is not linked to other financial markets and thus remains stable in times of economic instability.
  • The investment process is open and transparent compared to traditional investments.
  • The return on investment is usually higher than traditional investment methods.
  • Crowdfunding companies give sponsors detailed explanations concerning the procedure of gaining returns.
  • You do not need huge amounts of money to be a funder as the crowdfunding platform founders set minimum amounts for the benefit of those who do not have a lot of money.
  • Crowdfunding portals have turned the investment process into a no-brainer with little or even no room for bureaucracy in the digital realm.
Who can do it?
Anyone can do it provided they have the funds to do so.
How long is the fund till I get a reward?
9 months
Why nine months?
It takes 20 weeks to raise a chick (about 5 months) then we need enough room to start selling the eggs and be ready to pay back all your money at the end of nine months and 10% reward. Thereafter you will receive 10% of your initial fund monthly for 15 months.
Why 15 Months
At that point the chickens are no longer productive and will have to be replaced.
Do you have an example for me?
Yes. Let’s say you are a level 1 funder. Buying 250 chickens for R10 000.00. This will then be used to purchase 250 day old chicks that will then be raised at one of our farms. In five months the chicks will start laying eggs and at that moment our sales team kicks in to sell the eggs each day. In 9 months you will the get R10 000.00 plus R1000 = R11000 as your funding reward. After that you will be receiving R1000 at the end of each month for a period of 15 months till the chickens are no longer productive. The told reward is then R1000 given at 9 months and R15000 given each months for 15 months making a total of R16000.00.
Why must I fund you when I can get 10% from the bank?
Note that you will be getting that 10% reward in nine months unlike at the bank when you will be getting it once a year. Also note that you will be getting the 10% paid out each month from the 10th month till end of 2 years (15 months) which is way beyond what you get from many financial institutions.
What happens to the chickens that are no longer productive?
Since we are not charging any fees for raising the chickens they will be sold at the culling time and the funds will cover the costs for the fund which includes labour costs, housing, insurance, vaccinations, sales and production related costs. All funders are first in line if they would like to sell the chickens at a profit in the market. Note all culling dates and costs will be communicated in your monthly reports and no time will be wasted holding unproductive chickens.
What happens if my chickens die?
All chickens are placed into the brooding boxes in the first two weeks which is the time when most die. A meticulous vaccination programme and management programme is also used to avoid uncontrolled mortality. We will also be buying 20% addition of any chicks a funder buys to make sure that we mitigate against loss. The farms will also be insured for natural disasters. So if there is any chickens dying the reward will still be the same.
How are moneys paid?
We have a StokFella account which is an accredited financial services company. We have partnered with them to help with the financial collection and administration of this crowd funding. To join our grow visit or download their app and sign up. Then look for our group “AfriFarm Crowd” and make the desired funding according to your level. Once the funds are received they will immediately be used to purchase chicks, feed, vaccination, labour and insurance costs. All rewards will be made available in your wallet in stokfella which you can transfer to your account or make another fund.
Can I visit the farm?
Yes. All potential funders will have to schedule their visits with our office. If you are already a funder your funding relations manager will send you farm visiting open times when you can come and visit the farm.
What is your experience?
We have been running chicken farms for the past 8 years. Our co-founder, Mothupi Kgopa has managed and run a farm producing 9000 eggs a day. That experience will serve AfriFarm Crowd greatly. We also sell chicks to the market and have incubators we use to hatch own chicks which will help in times when chicks are scares and to also improve on our bottom. We are also working on getting our own feed mill to help improve on the cost on feed which will improve our bottom line considerably. Through our sister company, African Farmers Magazine, we also have trained over 500 new farmers to start their own farms and we will continue to do so at our African Farmers Expos and across the country.
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