Become a farmer
without owning a farm

Fund a farming business and get rewarded for it. Keep checking our website for more farming opportunities that need funders.

Our 2020 target is to raise funds for one million eggs to be produced monthly with 42 000 flock of chickens and a monthly revenue of about R1 008 000.00. This will generate a monthly reward of R168 000.00 that will be paid as reward to our funders. The more we grow, the more rewards we give to our funders.

See our fund me page
Afri Farm Crowd is a crowd funding company with a vision to solve funding challenges faced by black farmers which includes:

  1. Funding for farming start-ups and expansions
  2. Finding markets for produced goods by crowd funding our own fruit and veg
  3. Crowd funding farming equipment and make them affordable to African farmers. Please see our products page for more information.
  4. Host an annual farming expo in partnership with our sister company – African Farmers Magazine. Part of the Funds generated from Expo will fund our fruit and veg which will open markets to productive African farmers
  5. Fund an annual digital farming magazine in Crop farming, Poultry, Piggery, Goat, Sheep and Cattle Farming







How does it work?

We currently have two farms we are crowd funding as a pilot. One in Walkerville and another in Hennops. We are also getting more farms from farmers who have land and chicken houses they are not using. If you have a farm with chicken houses that is not in use, talk to us. Our team will provide farm management skills, chicken/eggs sales and marketing, financial management and reporting, training of all farm staff members, arranging farming tours with all funders.

Go to our fund page and find a farming business to fund. Go through a short profile introducing the farm. Once you like the idea you click on fund and that will take you to a payment link. Once paid our office will be in contact with you and take you through the details which will include:

  • How regular reports will be sent to you
  • Details on visiting the farm
  • Detail on attending annual funders’ summit
  • How rewards will be made to all funders

Stockvel or Group Funders

This initiative will see us producing eggs in different farms using one brand. The idea is to get farms that are not profitable but have chicken houses or the owners are willing to build chicken houses and we will use the chicken houses for rearing 2000 chickens as a starter package. Since our farms will not be in the same geographical area this helps in establishing new markets.

Number of funders: 10
Amount per person: R10 000.00
Total amount: R100 000.00
Asset Value in 5 Months: R180 000.00 (2000 chickens at a value of R90 each at point of lay)
Monthly Revenue: R60 000.00
Reward to funders after 9 months: R12 000.00 and R1000.00 monthly from the 10th month for as long as the business is profitable.


Individuals: 10 people contributing R10 000 each
Group: R100 000.00
What is the money used for:
Purchasing 2000 Lohnmann Brown or Hyline chicks at R16 each.
Total cost of Chicks: R32 000.00
Feed Cost for 2000 chicks for 20 weeks (5 months): R60 000.00
Employee payment: R3500.00 a month for 5 months at a total of R17 500.00
Vaccination for 5 months for 2000 chicks: R5000.00
Budget: R114 500.00
Balance: R14 500.00 this will be covered by Afri Farm Crowd.

Reward Plan

Since production of eggs will only happen in 20 weeks (approximately 5 months). That will be the time for rearing the chicks. Four months after the first five months the money made from sales will be saved for the first payment of R120 000.00.

9 months from receiving funds: R120 000.00 reward.

Monthly: R10 000.00 monthly payment from 10th month until the 24th month.


Number of Chicks funder buys
Level 1
R5 000.00
9th month
10th – 24th month
R5 500.00
R500.00 monthly
Level 2
R10 000.00
9th month
10th – 24th month
R11 000.00
R1000.00 monthly
Level 3
R20 000.00
9th month
10th – 24th month
R22 000.00
R2000.00 monthly
Level 4
R30 000.00
9th month
10th – 24th month
R33 000.00
R3000.00 monthly
Level 5
R40 000.00
9th month
10th – 24th month
R40 000.00
R4000.00 monthly

It takes 5 months to grow the chickens to the point they start laying eggs. We then need a grace period from 5th month till 9th month to sell all the eggs produced and start paying back all your funded amount plus 10% reward and continue to pay that 10% from the 10th month until 24th month. All crowd funders will receive monthly reports by logging into our crowd funding portal where they can access their portfolio.

Please visit our fund page to finalise funding that suits your budget.

  • Afri farm crowd will manage the farm and ensure successful rearing of the chicks
  • Afri Farm Crowd to manage all production and sales of the eggs
  • Afri Farm to train all employees in the farm and to keep all labour and tax compliance related business matters
  • Afri Farm Crowd to send a monthly report to funders during the rearing time and monthly during the production time which will include a monthly financial reconciliation and monthly report and performance analysis
  • Afri Farm Crowd to make all reward payments as agreed upon between Afri Farm Crowd and funders


All funders are allowed to visit the farm to see the progress for themselves. This must be arranged with Afri Farm Crowd. Monthly open time schedules will also be set where funders will have the opportunity to visit.
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